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Open up your home electricity usage - analyse, alert and save

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Screenshot of homeAnalytics running on a Raspberry Pi touchscreen display

Near real-time energy usage

Analyze your electricity usage to half-hourly granularity

Accurate cost management

Monitor your bills on a daily basis, leaving no surprises at the end of the month.

EV Management

Keep track of your EV state of charge, mileage and more.

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Smart Home Integrations

Integrations included for Octopus Energy, Mitsubishi MelCloud, Pod Point, Kia, Renault and Tasmota Smart Plugs.

DIY Energy Monitor

A lightweight framework means you can run it on a Raspberry Pi and create your own In-Home Display (IHD) for your energy usage.

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Open Source

Missing a smart home integration? Build your own!

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Control your data - stored locally and easily exportable.

BYO Hardware

No expensive hardware required, no devices to install. You just need a computer & a SMETS2 smart meter.