Raspberry Pi Energy Monitor

Create your own DIY Energy monitor using a Raspberry Pi and any display monitor

Most In Home Displays (IHDs) provided by UK energy companies are extremely limited in the information they give you, have poor quality user interfaces, and are not easy to customize to your own needs.

By using a Raspberry Pi coupled with a cheap touchscreen display, you can run homeAnalytics and build your own IHD.

Find out how here

Some example reports:

  • Today's kWh usage - with the n3rgy integration, you can monitor in-day electricity usage at a half-hourly granularity
  • Estimated monthly bill - keep track of your costs with a daily-updated prediction of your month-end bill
  • Usage type breakdown - reveal what is consuming the higher proportion of your electricity - the more integrations the more transparent this becomes
  • EV state of charge monitor - keep an eye on your range and make it easier to plan ahead and know when best to take advantage of your off-peak tariffs

This opens up a whole new world of possibilities in what you can monitor in your home without even picking up your phone. For example, as the screengrabs on this page show, you could keep track of your EV's state of charge.

Because homeAnalytics is fully open source, you are free to create (and contribute) your own ideas and integrations!

kWh Usage Gauge

Month-to-date usage

Estimated Monthly Bill

Half-hourly kWh Usage

Usage Yesterday Breakdown

Past 7 days Usage Breakdown

Past 7 Days Usage

Monthly Car Charging History

Car 1 SoC & Range

Car 2 SoC & Range